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Video can spark additional interest in a product, service or a new employment opportunity. A study by Careerrealism, notes that today’s job seeker is readily consuming your company’s employment brand. In fact 80% of jobs seekers will research an employer online before deciding whether to apply to a position there.

I have seen this first hand in many of the projects that I have managed. Job seekers are similar to shoppers they seek out information about a company through videos, reviews and social media postings. Success happens when you begin the two way conversation.

Don’t forget the research as it’s an important first step in video marketing. Today’s video viewer is consuming media on multiple different channels, formats and mobile devices at the same time.

When considering an audience, learn where to reach them, what types of devices they are using and evolve your media strategy to meet their needs.  Consider what types of social media sites they are consuming.  Are they on Twitter or Facebook? If so this may be a platform to use. The biggest advantage of using video in a social space is that it’s trackable.  Comments, views and interaction data is readily available.

employment branding
Facebook advertising for employer branding

Project Type: Lead Generation  Solution: Online Marketing – Non Linear Editing, 2015-

Project Type: Employment Branding  Solution: Video  Twitter Campaigns , 2015-17.

Project Type: Internal Communications  Solution: Video Marketing & Email Communication, 2012-14.

Project Type: Mobile Recruitment App Download Solution: Android Video Download Tutorial

Project Type:  Outreach and Engagement Solution: Internal Communications Video Short Film, 2013.

Project Type: Education Solution: Video Email Communication

Project Type: Multi-Platform Promotion  Solution:  Event Videography & Post-production October 2011.

Project Type: Awareness   Solution: Format Broadcast Media Series for Web

Project Type: Legislative Candidate Debate Solution: Videotape Edit, Produce Series, The Washington State PTA Region 10, Candidate Debate, Part One, 2006Full series

Project Type: Public Relations   Solution:  Documentary film, 2004. Tulip


Project Type: Community Health Education Solution: Television Series , PULSE- The Public Health Report, 2003.

“PULSE: The Public Health Report” (Graphic example of a health based weekly video production) co-producer, videotaped and edited multiple segments for the weekly health based program.

Project Type:  Electronic News Gathering (ENG)   Solution: Videography, non-linear editing 2002-2004.

I have done may different types of media productions. These are only a few examples of multimedia content that I have produced in the last ten years.

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