Technical Project Management

Technical Project Management

Technical project management is using tools to organize and manage the development of products and services.   Projects that are technical have lots of moving parts.   It’s one reason why processes for managing the initiation, planning, execution, controlling and closing help to improve quality and control development costs.  Whether you are using an Agile or a more formal framework — project planning is paramount for success.

One of the goals of adding a process to your technical products is to improve communication.  Whether it’s a software application, new website or video production by adding tools to increase communication — team knowledge grows.

Completed training’s in Agile and PMP,  my experience includes project management executions for apps, websites, events and major marketing campaigns.   I have built many programs, trained on usage and managed turnover.  Creative project experience includes corporate branding, lead generation, consumer and business lead generation.

Below are a few examples of software and website sites developed for consumers.  And there are many other samples of my work posted throughout this site.


Project Type:Mobile Product Development Solution: Mobile Application for iOS and Android

Project Type:Mobile App Promotion SolutionReview Site Campaign

Project Type:Mobile App Advertising  Solutions: Mobile Product Promotion Campaign

Display ad for mobile phone app promotion.
Display ad for mobile phone app promotion.

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