Online Marketing Sample

Online Marketing For Advertising and SEO Samples

Online marketing sample campaigns may include: cost-per-acquisition,  display and click-to-call ad campaigns.  These solutions offer priority placement in search results on desktop and mobile devices.   Other examples of online marketing include: Web based seminars , CRMmarketing automation campaigns,  and lead generation efforts


Project Type: Employment Branding   Solution: Facebook Ad Campaign

Project Type: Lead Generation   Solution: Instagram Ad Campaign

Project Type: Product Promotion  Solution: AdWords Mobile App Campaign

Project Type: Increase Website Traffic and Conversions  Solution: Video Marketing Program Implementation 

Project Type: Increase SEO Solution: Microblogging

Project Type: Webinar Promotion/Registration  Solution: Cost-Per-Acquistition Campaign

Project Type: Brand Awareness  Solution: Mobile Display Campaign

Project Type: Increase SEO  Solution: Website Optimization 

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