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Are you considering using online advertising for your small business or corporate marketing efforts?

Online advertising is using online marketing tools to promote your products and services and to share cultural and business information.  Through tools such as AdWords, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others — your business can reach the right customers with the right information at the right time.

The goals of online advertising may be to increase brand awareness, sales or to build your customer database.   Whether it’s video, display or search term advertising  you can reach out to your target market with product details or information about your brand.  This kind of marketing is full of data so the user journey is easier to understand.

Certified in online platforms my experience includes full service advertising delivery. From intake to ad management.  Specializing in corporate branding,  lead generation for “hard to hire” medical and IT talent and consumer and business lead generation and eCommerce.

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Project Type: Branding and Lead Generation  Solution: Online Marketing

Online Marketing
Adwords for physician and nursing recruiting

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