Brand Storytelling for Business and Product Promotion

Brand storytelling is a way to share cultural and business information.  Through stories businesses communicate the value they provide consumers.  Brand storytelling can be visual such as a rainbow colored logo or cultural such as the promise of consumer-centricity .

Some goals of brand storytelling are to tell stories that reinforce what consumers can expect from your services.  A big focus is what problems they are facing — and the solutions that you provide.   It’s not just about the outside image though — internal branding is also a huge focus for companies.

Companies that win build a culture of advocacy through brand storytelling.  Employee narratives reinforce the work of the people.  For some it’s making it easier to access information — others help to improve lives through superior health care or customer service.

Storytelling and branding is part of telling your unique story.  Stories are an important part of building a strong culture and a natural way to connect to customers. Our stories help us to learn from each other, to explore new ideas and to communicate virtually.  

The downstream effects of branding touch the public’s perception of the organization.  What the culture is like and what type of people are in the community.  Consider some of the top companies in the world — their people help to inform on the culture.  The brand image and stories that extend it — alone inspire people to work there.

My experience with branding has included corporate branding, online marketing,  video advertising , employment branding, and working with internal employee teams.  Below are a few project examples.  For additional information on building a story about your business  click here.

Over my time in digital marketing,  helping people tell their stories has been the most rewarding.  To see some of these projects check out the VIDEO page.

A few examples of storytelling products and services include: organizational branding, blogs, social media, mobile and the design, delivery and distribution of demand generation efforts.  Multiple projects have included remote video collaboration, co-creation efforts using (PaaS, SaaS) platforms.  


Project Type: Shaping Organizational Culture  Solution: Brand Storytelling

Project Focus: Employment Branding   Solution: Video Awareness Campaign

Project Focus: Increase SEO  Solution: Organizational Blog

Project Focus: Branding and Public Relations Solution:  Social Media Marketing 

Project Type: Product Branding  Solution: Mobile App Press Kit 


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